[Image Description: Lizbett stares contemplatively into the camera with her head cocked to the right. The scenery behind her is blurred out of focus but appears to be green trees and shrubbery. She wears a black tank top and gold, black and white statement necklace. Colorful tattoos are visible on her left chest and arm area. Her hair is dyed deep purple and turquoise blue, she wears exaggerated deep plum lipstick and winged, black eyeliner.]


I am quick to compartmentalize and adamant on survival
I wonder what we hold deep inside of us -- what memories, pain, pleasure, and residue does my container contain?
I want to leave a legacy behind for my daughter and for her to be greater than I ever will be
I live filling my days with endless things...
I worry that one day I will become complacent
I understand this world to be violence
I say it doesn't have to be so; we authored all of this and have forgotten we did so
I dream you will react, feel, and grow in humility
I hope I can experience a sustained feeling of community and belonging
I am quick to compartmentalize and adamant on survival